Friday, May 18, 2018 05:09 PM

Availability for Mon 21st - Sat 26th

X = You X'ed it out!

M = Modified game

S = Summer game

All I want you to do is review this for accuracy. If you see an error send me an email. if it looks right DO NOTHING!! You have until Saturday Afternoon to tell me if anything changes
Name Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat
Augello, Norman   X   X S S
Bennett, Ken  M X X X X S
Boldt, Ken M   S X S S
Burch, Josh          X  
Burch, Terri            S
Dudley, David       S S  
Fazio, James   S     M S
Fitzsimmons, Mark X     M S X
Geer, Kyle           S
Grabowski, Don   X X      
Hansen, Mark S X     X X
Lagueras, Pat           S
Martin, David  M.         S S
Mateer, David S       S X
Mazzatti, Mark            
McLaughlin, Jim     S   S S
Neumann, Scott         S
Newville, Brian S   M   X X
Nilsen, Matt S     S X X
Pangia, John   X M X S  
Pierce, Tim   S        
Pitcher, Bill     M      
Raftery, Ryan            
Rothrock, Sam X X     X X
Scheuerlein, Dave         M  
Shaffer, Evan X X X   S X
Sheflin, Mike     M X S X
Spiotta, Ron X   X      
Todd, Randy X X X X X X
Walsh, Peter X X X X X X
Wampole, Alex X       S S
Wells, Steve X       S S
Wescott, Tom M S M     S
Young, Bob X   S   M  
Youngs, Jeff       X   S