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After August 3, 2015, the following is the proper procedure to be used.

  1. Go to the Web site
  2. Click on Schedule Appointment by State Program
  3. Click on New York State  (This will give you the Sites in New York State). Follow directions
  4. When it asks for your ORI #, type in, in caps,  TEACH
  5. Continue on the web site. As the application forms needs to completed.
  6. Continue on as the fee needs to be paid.
  7. The candidate will be notified as to the site, date and time of the appointment to have the fingerprints taken.
  8. When the candidate has the above completed, he/she should receive notification of acceptance.  When this occurs, please forward to me the name, SSN and the sport(s) officiating.
  9. CAUTION—The above procedure can not be done prior August 4.  August 4, 2015 is the first day of acceptance.
  10. If problems arise during the procedure call 877-472-6915 and ask of assistance